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Hi, I’m Wes the owner of bitstudio. We are now expanding our focus to cover a wider range of creative endeavors. 


Game developers, writers and artists. Musicians, filmmakers and photographers. The digital age is a melting pot bringing the arts together in new and exciting ways and we don’t want to miss it.. 

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Sprite Sheets

They have been around since the beginning of game development. They were called pixies (true story), that was under copyright, so they settled on sprite. More on that here: Pixies and Sprites

But we’re not talking about little woodland fae flying about (unless your game is about that). Sprites are simply images, such as a character that can be loaded into your game environment. 

A single image can be loaded but when you want to load say an entire animation of your character walking, you can save some memory and keep things tidy by using a sprite sheet. More


Here is an example of a animated rabbit. You can find free sprite sheets opengameart.com

sprite sheet

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Game development and art resources