About Bitstudio

About Bitstudio
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About Bitstudio: Bitstudio’s  goal is to support indie game development teams, artists and musicians in any way we can.  Our founders worked for the big corporate game companies in the past and longed for a day that indies could compete with them.  That day finally arrived and so many Indies are now living their dreams.  More can be done however.

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That’s why we have changed our direction from working alone to inviting all indie game developers to join a loose collective to help develop. promote, and finance their projects. We want you to join us in forming the best development and production teams online, without signing your first-born and projects away.

We need:

  • indie game programmers
  • videographers and filmmakers
  • musicians
  • animators
  • 3D modelers
  • game designers
  • level designers
  • concept artists
  • writers
  • digital artists of all types

Our founders have been involved with games from Capcom and Disney. We welcomed the day indies would once again take the reigns. As in the early days, when one or two guys could crank out games without a committee micro-managing their every move.

But how do we compete in a market where budgets are in the millions (and sometimes that’s just marketing). Thanks to social media like Youtube, Twitter and Facebook, we have power in numbers. This is really the only way indies can hope to compete with the mega-game corporations.

Our ability to promote your projects and drive traffic to your games will grow exponentially as more and more members take advantage of our free tools. So join with us to create and promote your games. We are in beta, details will be announced soon. If you’re interested, please join our NEWSLETTER for announcements and invite. Spread the word about Bitstudio and we will all grow together.

In the meantime feel free to post your game news, indie project, screenshots and/or video HERE

2 thoughts on “About Bitstudio

  1. Hi Bitstudio,

    I am Website, UI/UX and mobile app designer and WordPress developer looking for work.

    You can learn more about me here

    I am happy to provide free review of your website/app. I look into things like visual design, conversion rate, branding, user experience and mobile experience.

    Best Regards,
    Marko Bijelic

    1. Hi Marko,

      I don’t have any plans to hire anyone right now, but I will leave your comment here for my visitors who may be looking.

      I wish you all the best,
      Wes @ bitstudio

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