AceChase – Free Massive Couch Multiplayer Glider Combat Game

AceChase is a free and open source glider combat game that can be played in the browser by as many players as your hardware, software and living room can handle. It started as a free time fun project until it actually became actual fun. We are working on a little single player campaign but the focus is multiplayer.

Currently it features:

  • three different game modes: deathmatch, racing and shooting range. We are planning on creating a vehicle soccer kinda game mode also.
  • five different powerups: rockets, mines, adrenaline, shields and repair, so all the basics are covered.
  • seven different maps but the maps are svg files and you can create your own also.
  • an awesome soundtrack which is royalty free music from youtube but still super good 😛
  • It even shows meaningful pieces of wisdom during loading time to make our players better people and the world a better place!

“If it’s so good, why don’t you squeeze money out of it?” we hear you think.
That’s because we are crazy altruistic people. Haha, just kidding. Before we can get rich, we have to build a community and become famous first and here is our shot at it. That being said, if you do want to support us financially (we wouldn’t mind), we have a patreon page.

Here you can play the game:
(meaning you can literally play the full game there, no sign-up, no installation, no ads)

Here is our Facebook page:
(we value any support and feedback of any kind, get in touch with us!)

And here is our Patreon page:

Check it out! Spread the word! Talk to us! Support our cause!

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