Blue Quest

Blue Quest is a simple 2D retro space arcade game that is inspired by old classics like Crystal Quest for Mac and XQuest for DOS. In this space adventure, You have to collect all the blue crystals and watch out for evil enemies and mines before passing the gate to continue to the next level. Collect Power-ups and bombs to make life easier. The game has 35 levels with 15 enemies that will chase You, shoot at You, explode in Your face or push You around with power fields. It starts out super easy but it ends up nearly impossible.

The game is highly influenced by XQuest. The gameplay and most of the enemies should feel very familiar to anyone who played the classic masterpiece from the mid-nineties. It’s been my ambition to keep the original arcade touch while giving the game a more modern neon styled smooth look and feel.

Blue Quest for Windows have been released at Game Jolt where You can download a free playable demo or buy the full game:

A free Android version (contains ads) is also available at Google Play:

I’m always interested of knowing what the audience think. If You have any thoughts about the game (positive as well as negative), feel free to leave a comment and let me know how to improve it.

Please, if You like the game, be sure to like it on Facebook! Also, be sure to give it a great rate at Game Jolt and Google Play.

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