Catch 10 1 10 – Inception meets Tron in the style of Rick & Morty

What is a “Catch 10 1 10”? 10110 is binary for 22. So, essentially the title of the game is Catch 22. A catch 22 is something that gets in the way of or defeats the purpose of itself.

What if a game knew it was being developed? What if it was tired of not actualizing it’s potential and decided to finish making itself? What if it too couldn’t decide what it wanted to be?

In Catch 10 1 10 you’ll explore a world full of indie wonder, with the attention and scale of a larger studios ambition.

Catch 10 1 10 unashamedly breaks the fourth wall every chance it gets.


Catch 10 1 10 is a world full of every idea I’ve ever had. There is every type of genre found here.

First person metaphysical/walking sim



Be careful! The world may fall apart!

Unfinished areas (intentionally)

Sentient prototype objects!

Worlds within worlds:

And much, much more:

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