Cryptid Games !

Cryptid Games
Cryptid Games was founded in 2015, in Ontario, Canada.
With a team a veterans from the video game industry, we are bringing our visions and professionalism to your productions, as well as our own original IPs.
From illustration and concept art, 3D environments and 3D characters, animation,FX and UI, we are offering a complete set of skilled artists ready to work on your projects.
Francois-Olivier Bellotto
CEO/Art Director
In the video game industry since 2001, Francois-Olivier Bellotto is the founder of Cryptid Games, and is excited to bring new ideas to life. He worked on productions such as the Splinter Cell series, Deus Ex 3, Test Drive Unlimited, Dark Messiah of Might & Magic…
Some of our collaborators works:
The Mass Effect series, Tomb Raider series, BioShock series, Fable 2, the Assassin’s Creed series, Guild Wars, Far Cry 2/3 , God Of War 2…

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