Fantasy: Battle Simulator – The most advanced real-time strategic fantasy battle simulation game !!!

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Fantasy: Battle Simulator presents awesome features below:

– Optimized & Beautiful graphics.
– Accurate battle simulation.
– Various types of units from the Alliance and the Horde!
– Rapid PVP multiplayer matchmaking.

Campaign Mode: You will learn how to deploy units, then you will have to beat the mighty opponents with powerful units.

Sandbox Mode: You can deploy whatever you want. Make your own strategic scenarios freely, and then observe the result from the clash between two sides.

Multiplay Mode: This is the ranked PVP multiplayer mode. You will gain your Elo ratings by beating the PVP multiplayer opponents. Then you will get your own ranks from ‘Bronze – C’ to ‘Diamond – A’. Achieve higher ranks and receive greater weekly rewards based on your ranks!

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