The Four Alices : A mystery/horror-lite Visual Novel about Autism on Steam!

Les Quatre Alices | The Four Alices was released on Steam in August 2017. This short Visual Novel, designed and created by Mia Blais-Côté, a young woman with autism, talk about her syndrome in a  touching and thoughtful manner. It was made in RPG Maker MV and is available for PC – Windows 64 bits.

The story of the game follows a lone girl who meets a mysterious red-haired teenager near a campfire in a dark forest. The teenager, who called herself Alice Lorange, tells her a story so bizarre it could not be true, and yet…

This Visual Novel has several Endings (1 Good, 3 Bad) and there are Achievements for getting them all. Also for playing the game in various languages. There is also a partial support for a gaming controller. Les Quatre Alices | The Four Alices is available in 7 languages: French, English, Spanish, Brazil Portuguese, German, Italian and Norwegian.

What is a Visual Novel?

It’s a type of video game, highly popular in Japan, which focus more on the narrative then gameplay. It could be compared to an illustrated novel, with ambient music and sound effects. Some Visuals Novels, like Les Quatre Alices | The Four Alices, have choices which will affect the narrative and the ending received at the end.

About the author, Mia Blais-Côté:

Mia Blais-Côté is a 28 years old young woman from Quebec. She’s live at Sept-Îles and she was diagnostic with autism at 18 years old. It causes a lot of changes in her life, but it did not affect her love for writing, video games, and narrative-based games. Mia had noticed there are way too few video games that talk about autism. Since she’s autistic as well, she wanted to talk about that topic in a “story-type” game, a Visual Novel. However, she did not wanted the game to be too “educational”, “overdramatic” and “boring”. She wanted a universal story anyone could enjoy. Les Quatre Alices | The Four Alices is her first commercial project on Steam. It’s aimed at Visual Novel fans, causal gamers and peoples who want to learn more about autism while reading a good story.

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