Free iOS game of the week : Backdrafts

Play a dragon and defend both your life and your gold against greedy humans.
Use fireballs to annihilate hordes of humans, and discover many powers.
You will have to be fast, clever and persevering to be counted amongst the best players in the world!

– A free game, simple gameplay, mixing base-defense and shoot’em up
– Capacities that evolve throughout the game
– Special powers to unlock next levels (and some surprises!) throughout history
– Many enemies with different behaviors and strategies to adapt to
– Combinations to use and link together to multiply your score
– A ranking by level to impose your superiority and achieve #1 rank worldwide
– 40 levels and many more are coming

Download Backdrafts for free on the App Store:


Watch the trailer: 

Backdrafts Launch Screen

Backdrafts Midgame level

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