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Hey Gamedevs:  I’m receiving a lot of submissions that are under 250 words. I’m sorry but I can no longer post those as it hurts our ranking in Google.

Indie Games Post Yours –  indie devs: Feel free to post your game(s) here. Please read carefully before posting.

All submissions must include images and links. Write at least 250 words in your post as this greatly helps with the SEO.  When the SEO is good, we all benefit from the increased exposure.

We invite musicians, writers, and game artists to post your services or content here.  We are all about team building and promoting fellow indie game developers. Please include links to one or two graphics and/or a video and your website in the body of the post (use the text/visual tabs (top right of the editor) for HTML etc.).  All posts must be approved by bitstudio before we publish them (no spam.). We tweet the posts out to our followers on twitter regularly.

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