Review: Samson Microphone

Sampson C01UPRO Mic
Microphone Review: Samson C01UPRO I just replaced my Blue Snowball microphone with this Samson C01UPRO microphone. First of all, I've been very impressed with the quality of this mic. Most noteworthy, it cost less than my previous Blue mic coming in at under $100. Since sound design in game development can really make a difference and like video production, it is is often overlooked and can consequently result in an inferior game experience.This mic is a great addition to any indie game dev's s...

Digital Audio Workstation for Under $750

pro tools
Digital Audio: Build a DAW for Under $750 I was asked by a musician friend the other day what kind laptop and software he should buy to record his digital audio. He figured that it would be expensive by the time he bought a Mac laptop and software such as ProTools. Indeed, it can be.  Yet deals can be had if your willing to use used or refurbished equipment. I was happy to inform him than last few years it has actually become much easier to record on a budget. Here are the options I came...

Composer available for your next title!

Music and Sound Services
Hi there, I'm a multi-instrumentalist and composer based in NYC, ready to help you bring your next game to life with music. Check out my wide range of samples in games, film and web videos at my website, Also, have a look at Loot Crate's Daily Crate blog, where I was recently featured as best in class in game music. . Get in touch. Looking forward!