Skullstone – an indie tribute for Dungeon Master

Black Torch Games, an independent, newly formed Polish studio presents their debut title: Skullstone. Skullstone is an old school adventure set in dark dungeons. Developed by old-school gamers, Skullstone is a dungeon crawler like no other, containing immersive storyline and classic RPG combat. Skullstone is the Black Torch Games’ response to the surprisingly fast growing market of dungeon crawlers. They hope to find themselves a place for artistic expression.

With their debut game almost finished, the studio wants to provide the players with a vast amount of dungeons to explore, with puzzles to solve, traps to avoid, monsters and nightmares to face. Skullstone’s main difference from other representations of the genre are pre-made, unique characters to choose from in order to form a squad. In addition, challenging, almost addictive gameplay with demanding boss fights. Occasional visits to the village on the surface will provide players with new equipment and thrilling quests.

Skullstone’s Steam Greenlight success, becoming greenlit in just 18 days, is a major step for recognition of dungeon crawlers among other genres.

Black Torch Games’ most recent media on the game is an intriguing trailer which demonstrates the quality 3D graphics and a challenging, real-time gameplay. The official date of release is yet to be announced in the near future. Stay tuned!


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