Going Nowhere: The Dream – A Game of Parkour and Secrets

Going Nowhere: The Dream
Climbing, running, jumping in a strange world - that's what Going Nowhere: The Dream is all about. Going Nowhere: The Dream is a 3D, first person, parkour inspired platformer taking place in Loren's dreams, memories and life. Playing as Loren, you navigate the dreamscape to find a way to get Loren's long lost friend Violet back to the real world after she mysteriously appeared in Loren's town for the first time in years. Discover a deeper meaning to Loren's mysterious dreams and Violet's apparit...

The Four Alices : A mystery/horror-lite Visual Novel about Autism on Steam!

  Les Quatre Alices | The Four Alices was released on Steam in August 2017. This short Visual Novel, designed and created by Mia Blais-Côté, a young woman with autism, talk about her syndrome in a  touching and thoughtful manner. It was made in RPG Maker MV and is available for PC – Windows 64 bits. The story of the game follows a lone girl who meets a mysterious red-haired teenager near a campfire in a dark forest. The teenager, who called herself Alice Lorange, tells her a story s...

Bit Shifter: Flashpoint

Bit Shifter game
ALERT! Home World is under siege by VIRUS! We won’t sugar-coat this soldier, you'll take on dangerous enemies, bent on destroying Home World, face treacherous terrain, visit unseen lands, and wield weapons of unimaginable strength in the fight to cleanse the world of the corruption that is VIRUS Check it out on Steam Early Access Steam Store Bit Shifter: Flashpoint Trailer  

Red Barton & The Sky Pirates

Red Barton
Indie game studio Schism Worldwide has launched a Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for their first major multi-platform PC/Mac & Mobile (iOS & Android port) title Red Barton & The Sky Pirates due for release in 4th quarter of 2016. Red Barton & The Sky Pirates is an arcade combat flight simulation shooter set in a beautiful cartoon-styled steam-punk world. The game’s fast pace and challenging levels are bound to give players a lot of fun, offering somethi...