Blue Quest

Blue Quest game
Blue Quest is a simple 2D retro space arcade game that is inspired by old classics like Crystal Quest for Mac and XQuest for DOS. In this space adventure, You have to collect all the blue crystals and watch out for evil enemies and mines before passing the gate to continue to the next level. Collect Power-ups and bombs to make life easier. The game has 35 levels with 15 enemies that will chase You, shoot at You, explode in Your face or push You around with power fields. It starts out super easy ...

CyberSphere Online

CyberSphere Online - new mobile action game! It's a twin stick 3d shooter in sci-fi setting with online multiplayer, lots of unique characters, weapons, and enemies. Join forces with players from all over the world to stop alien robot invasion! Google Play: App Store: Trailer: Key features: Nice 3D gr...

AceChase – Free Massive Couch Multiplayer Glider Combat Game

AceChase is a free and open source glider combat game that can be played in the browser by as many players as your hardware, software and living room can handle. It started as a free time fun project until it actually became actual fun. We are working on a little single player campaign but the focus is multiplayer. Currently it features: three different game modes: deathmatch, racing and shooting range. We are planning on creating a vehicle soccer kinda game mode also. five different ...
More the Warehouse Brawl – Pixel Cyberpunk

Download Link: is an arena brawl game. Become the winner, beat the rivals, and dominate the arena! Collect as many beads as possible, to restore HP and to get EXP. Gather EXP beads, and level up. Then you will have the power to win this brutal fight! Once you level up, you will get rewarded with various types of upgrades. You can choose a stat upgrade, a weapon upgrade, or a new type of weapon from the t...

New – DEAD RIOT: Indie Zombie Shooter

DeadRiot Even the Undead Must Obey the Law Game Description Dead Riot is a third person zombie shooter game, where you fight, shoot & blast your way through the zombie apocalypse. You are the last hope for a city under siege by the undead. Destroy the zombie hordes and restore order to a world plunged into chaos. About Dead Riot - Action packed beat-em-up game - Multiple combat formats including hand-to-hand combat and weapons to kill zombies. - Multiple levels of tense game play. - ...

Navigate a hollow planet in Cavernaut, out now for iOS

Pilot your spaceship through a maze of caves on an alien planet. Try to reach the surface, while collecting luminum crystals which you can trade for upgrades. Watch out for hazards like mines or laser batteries, and keep an eye on your limited fuel supply. Cavernaut is a cave flyer with its roots in classic arcade titles like Lunar Lander, reinvented for the iPhone and iPad: You steer your ship with simple touch and tilt controls through a cave that is randomly generated for every game. Each ...

Project Dimentia Bodhisattva

Project Dimentia Bodhisattva Play the game here (Please use Chrome on Windows for best performance) Features Multiply yourself to gain strategic advantage in this beat’em up platformer. Gain more skills and abilities to dominate and fill the whole screen with nothing but yourself. There are 70 Life Gems (Max HP + 5) and 40 Skill Gems (for upgrading skills) hidden for you to discover. In addition, there are 6 Ability Gems which provide you abilities for superior advantage in different...

Fireling – an endless arcade adventure for iOS and Android

"Fireling" is a little fire spirit´s journey through an ice cavern, packed with dangerous obstacles, collectibles and power-ups. Tap to fly, swipe to the sides to destroy spikes and platforms, collect aid to advance further. Pass the challenges to unlock new exciting characters. How far can you get? Available for free on iOS and Android.

Lost Stars – Sci Fi Action Game for the Android

Check out the free demo on google play HERE. Check out the website HERE. Lost Stars is an intense space combat game with an epic story, many modifiable ships and plenty of weapons. With a unique interface and easy to learn controls, this game provides both strategic depth and fast paced action. Choose a ship, captain it through battle, experience the story and discover the characters! Fight alongside allies in large space battles, or engage alone in smaller brawls and skirmishes. Find s...

Conquest! Medieval War Game Goes Mobile

Conquest!: an old game gets a new look Houston, Texas | September 7, 2015 - Conquest! announced today it is seeking to raise funds via a rewards campaign on Kickstarter to finish development of a mobile client for the exciting and addictive medieval strategy/RPG war game.  Conquest! began as a text based game on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) in 1993 and was an instant hit. "Players drove into work very early in the morning to access IRC, often because they had no Internet connection at home!", s...