Skullstone – an indie tribute for Dungeon Master

  Black Torch Games, an independent, newly formed Polish studio presents their debut title: Skullstone. Skullstone is an old school adventure set in dark dungeons. Developed by old-school gamers, Skullstone is a dungeon crawler like no other, containing immersive storyline and classic RPG combat. Skullstone is the Black Torch Games' response to the surprisingly fast growing market of dungeon crawlers. They hope to find themselves a place for artistic expression. With their debut g...

Daath Origins – Indie space RPG w/ box, map, manual, 2 disc OST & starship figurine

Daath Origins RPG
You are the captain of a starship with almost 1 million crew & citizens under your care. Explore the planets & stars in the galaxy, uncovering secret agendas, encountering spatial anomalies, aligning with or against other factions, & crafting ancient transdimensional technologies that will force you to confront the very origins of the universe itself. Daath Origins is a game that plays very much like a classic top down turned based RPG from the SNES era. The difference is that...

Kage no Odori : Rise Of The Tengu

Kage no Odori has been in production from a solo developer for the past 3+ years. The project began as a means for me to learn programming theory. It is also a marriage of a few of my interests, video games and anime. Kage, while inspired by the popular animated series Naruto, actually deviates wildly to form a unique story, filled with quirk, funny moments and epic ninja action.     You can keep track of Kage on Facebook, or Twitter for more info on the game.

Project Dimentia Bodhisattva

Project Dimentia Bodhisattva Play the game here (Please use Chrome on Windows for best performance) Features Multiply yourself to gain strategic advantage in this beat’em up platformer. Gain more skills and abilities to dominate and fill the whole screen with nothing but yourself. There are 70 Life Gems (Max HP + 5) and 40 Skill Gems (for upgrading skills) hidden for you to discover. In addition, there are 6 Ability Gems which provide you abilities for superior advantage in different...