Going Nowhere: The Dream – A Game of Parkour and Secrets

Going Nowhere: The Dream
Climbing, running, jumping in a strange world - that's what Going Nowhere: The Dream is all about. Going Nowhere: The Dream is a 3D, first person, parkour inspired platformer taking place in Loren's dreams, memories and life. Playing as Loren, you navigate the dreamscape to find a way to get Loren's long lost friend Violet back to the real world after she mysteriously appeared in Loren's town for the first time in years. Discover a deeper meaning to Loren's mysterious dreams and Violet's apparit...

Daath Origins – Indie space RPG w/ box, map, manual, 2 disc OST & starship figurine

Daath Origins RPG
You are the captain of a starship with almost 1 million crew & citizens under your care. Explore the planets & stars in the galaxy, uncovering secret agendas, encountering spatial anomalies, aligning with or against other factions, & crafting ancient transdimensional technologies that will force you to confront the very origins of the universe itself. Daath Origins is a game that plays very much like a classic top down turned based RPG from the SNES era. The difference is that...

Composer available for your next title!

Music and Sound Services
Hi there, I'm a multi-instrumentalist and composer based in NYC, ready to help you bring your next game to life with music. Check out my wide range of samples in games, film and web videos at my website, tellamusic.com. Also, have a look at Loot Crate's Daily Crate blog, where I was recently featured as best in class in game music. http://www.thedailycrate.com/tuesday-tunes-with-lou-tella-music/ . Get in touch. Looking forward!

Betabotz: Brand New Robot Themed Tabletop Game

Betabotz is a newly designed tabletop game themed around a robo-centric world, where robots from all over the land come and compete for a chance to enter a promise land flowing with gears and oil. The game requires strategic resource management to effectively enhance and build robots in order to complete 3 tiers of missions. Successful missions provide additional resources for further enhancements. The player with the most resource at the end of all missions is victorious! Please check out...