the Warehouse Brawl – Pixel Cyberpunk

Download Link: is an arena brawl game. Become the winner, beat the rivals, and dominate the arena! Collect as many beads as possible, to restore HP and to get EXP. Gather EXP beads, and level up. Then you will have the power to win this brutal fight! Once you level up, you will get rewarded with various types of upgrades. You can choose a stat upgrade, a weapon upgrade, or a new type of weapon from the t...

Cubiques 2 – A sequel of a featured iOS and MAC Game coming back to the App Store

Cubiques 2
Hi everyone! I wanted to let everyone know that Cubiques 2 is coming to the App Store for iOS (iPhone / iPADs) and MAC September 28th, 2017. As you may know, Cubiques got featured worldwide and I received a lot positive comments and many mobile gamers wanted to see a new version. Today, I am happy to announce that Cubiques 2 is complete and that it took me exactly 35 days to be completed. As I mentioned previously in the previous version, I did all the programming, graphic design, anima...

Discolor Rebounder (iOS + Android)

Discolor Rebounder
Bounce the ball! Collect the colors! Tap to switch and match! Discolor Rebounder. How good are your bounce reflexes? You might want to use both hands for this retro style game! Drag the big circle to bounce the ball and collect the colors from the top rows. Tap to switch and match the the big circle to the color of the small circle to keep it bouncing. It can take a few tries to get your tap, switch, and bounce on, but when you do, you’ll be hooked! If pong, air hockey, and some brick...

Poly Star(iOS + Android)

Embark on an epic space quest aboard your stolen star fighter as you attempt to defend your world from geometrical destruction by the polygon invasion. For years the Galactic Empire has sought the elimination of your people. It is up to you to repel the onslaught as you battle through waves and bosses alike. Harness the powers of the galaxy to create shields, explosions, beams, and more to empower your star fighter. With dynamic enemy and boss types, the challenge before you is great. Will you h...


Hello everybody, we are the WIP CASINO Team formed by Antonio Mancuso Vincenzo Leone and Giovanni Stillitano. Together we have decided to launch a social casino with types of games similar to the real casinos but with the addition of something engaging that would attract the player to a new reality game.  The idea of WIP CASINO came from a small group of guys with the intention of creating an attractive and competitive game system. One of the creators was a Casino player with an addiction to ...

Seven Monkeys

seven monkeys
The Funniest Way To Learn Or Improve Your Poker Skills. Seven Monkeys is designed to be played in seven independents puzzles to help the player to understand and practice the rules and mathematics of Texas Hold'em Poker. Unlock progressively each area to discover the puzzles guarded by monkeys which shows you a different poker concept such Poker Positions, Outs, Odds, Flop texture, etc. Website: AppStore:

Mr. Santa

Help Mr. Santa to collect his gifts just in time for Christmas.   Download Android Version from Google PlayStore Download iOS Version from Apple AppStore   Description Mr. Santa needs gifts in order to distribute them on XMAS. Help him to collect them all. On his journey he is blocked by different obstacles and enemies. You can avoid them by touching the screen. From time to time Mr. Santa has to climb on different platforms and cross rivers. In certain situations Mr....

Drant – New mobile game

Drant game
Join the journey of a small dragon trying to break out of its predators stomach while mastering the flying mechanic and gathering new companions in the highly skill-based mobile game Drant. We are three indie devs working on our first title called Drant. It's a free mobile arcade game with simple controls and a high difficulty level. No pay2win and no annoying ads. It's based on the premise to create something everyone could learn and enjoy in seconds but at the same time something highly s...

Fushion2D the ultimate video game maker

What Is Fushion2D ? - Fushion2D is interesting software. It will be the world's first software that truly allows anyone to create amazing games regardless of technical skill. Due to it's unique user interface, making games becomes a fluid process that doesn't require any scripting, programming or software design experience. BECOME OUR FIRST BACKER =Check it out on Indiegogo. Retweet, Share with friends & support us