War of Conquest’s Kickstarter Campaign Begins

War of Conquest massively multiplayer game
IronZog launched a Kickstarter campaign on Tuesday September 5th IronZog launched a Kickstarter campaign on Tuesday September 5th, to fund the completion of their open world strategy MMO War of Conquest. The campaign is off to a strong start, having raised over 30% of its $7000 goal during its first 8 hours. War of Conquest War of Conquest puts the player in control of one nation in a vast fantasy world occupied by thousands of other players’ nations. The goal is to build up the nation’s tech...

Red Barton & The Sky Pirates

Red Barton
Indie game studio Schism Worldwide has launched a Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for their first major multi-platform PC/Mac & Mobile (iOS & Android port) title Red Barton & The Sky Pirates due for release in 4th quarter of 2016. Red Barton & The Sky Pirates is an arcade combat flight simulation shooter set in a beautiful cartoon-styled steam-punk world. The game’s fast pace and challenging levels are bound to give players a lot of fun, offering somethi...

Rite of Life – A Unique Life-Sim RPG Currently on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight

Rite of Life is a life-sim RPG being developed for PC, Mac and Linux. It is heavily inspired by games such as Harvest Moon, Pokémon, Dark Cloud and Monster Hunter. It features a player-driven open world where you start with a small encampment. Through exploring, battling and gathering resources you can turn your home into a prospering town. Rite of Life Kickstarter Campaign Rite of Life on Steam Greenlight Rite of Life Trailer "Rite of Life is definitely a world I don’t want to mis...

Conquest! Medieval War Game Goes Mobile

Conquest!: an old game gets a new look Houston, Texas | September 7, 2015 - Conquest! announced today it is seeking to raise funds via a rewards campaign on Kickstarter to finish development of a mobile client for the exciting and addictive medieval strategy/RPG war game.  Conquest! began as a text based game on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) in 1993 and was an instant hit. "Players drove into work very early in the morning to access IRC, often because they had no Internet connection at home!", s...