RWdesenv Studio – Indie Games for Review

We are working hard on this project for several months and we’ll be very happy in seeing our games … ūüôā The Blast Game Orb 2048 Infinity Blast Adventure tic tac toon Best Crush Cake Noughts & Noughts Memory Bee And … Read more RWdesenv Studio – Indie Games for Review

Improve Vocabulary: LearnEng – The Word Maker

Improve Vocabulary

Improve Vocabulary while playing. Check the meaning of the words formed. Do you love playing word puzzle games? Then this is the perfect word games for you! Forming words has never been so challenging. Expand your vocabulary Improve your spelling Check the meaning of the word, as well as training your brain with this addictive … Read more Improve Vocabulary: LearnEng – The Word Maker

“Solbot Energy Rush”: Adventure of a color switching Robot in Space

“Solbot Energy Rush” is a casual and one tap control system mobile game for all age groups. Play as a color switching flying Robot whose suit color changes every level and player has to collect the same matching colored orbs. (Available on Google Play store & Apple Appstore) Features: ‚ėÖ One touch control ‚ėÖ Robot … Read more “Solbot Energy Rush”: Adventure of a color switching Robot in Space

Hydropuzzle – challenge the nerd in you


You step into shoes of a tech-savvy superhero with your brain and iPhone as your primary weapons to solve the mystery of water disappearing from the city. However you don’t outrun express trains and you don’t fly through the skies. You spend most of you time at social media trying to hack through the story. … Read more Hydropuzzle – challenge the nerd in you

Gravity hood

Gravity Hood

Download : ) Once upon a time, in a land far away… Run in this world without end and veer Towers by changing the gravity in this amazing universe Flat. A tip: You can change the gravity whenever you want. Have fun in this amazing game where the “normal” does not exist. Earn increasingly … Read more Gravity hood

CyberSphere Online

CyberSphere Online – new mobile action game! It’s a twin stick 3d shooter in sci-fi setting with online multiplayer, lots of unique characters, weapons, and enemies. Join forces with players from all over the world to stop alien robot invasion! Google Play: App Store: Trailer:¬† Key features: Nice 3D graphics; Online multiplayer (Deathmatch, … Read more CyberSphere Online

Drant – New mobile game

Drant game

Join the journey of a small dragon trying to break out of its predators stomach while mastering the flying mechanic and gathering new companions in the highly skill-based mobile game Drant. We are three indie devs working on our first title called Drant. It’s a free mobile arcade game with simple controls and a high … Read more Drant – New mobile game

Looking for Team

Dr. Detective "Move Your App" 2nd place winner

Back in 2010 Bitstudio won 2nd place in¬†Snaptic/Hopelab/Ted “Move Your App Challenge”¬†with our game prototype, Dr. Detective.¬†¬†Ever since, we have had the desire¬†to develop games that can do more than entertain (although those are great too!). After interviewing¬†several ADHD experts for the¬†documentary ¬†“Are You ADD?”¬†we thought it would be cool to make a app for … Read more Looking for Team

ArcTap demo is now available for everyone! [Android game]

ArcTap demo Hey guys! You might already know about the game called ArcTap from¬†another article. The demo version of ArcTap is now ready and is available for everyone. It is free and has no annoying ads! Here is link¬†to google play. So go on and try it out! Download link. Please share any feedback/suggestions or … Read more ArcTap demo is now available for everyone! [Android game]