Seven Monkeys

seven monkeys
The Funniest Way To Learn Or Improve Your Poker Skills. Seven Monkeys is designed to be played in seven independents puzzles to help the player to understand and practice the rules and mathematics of Texas Hold'em Poker. Unlock progressively each area to discover the puzzles guarded by monkeys which shows you a different poker concept such Poker Positions, Outs, Odds, Flop texture, etc. Website: AppStore:


Hello everyone, I would like to present V3CK, a puzzle game we created with my wife. In V3CK, you must complete geometric figures with the right colors, while helping yourself with the numbers on the peaks. It's our first game, and it's available for free on Android. Don't hesitate to give us your feedback so we can keep improving it. Good game and good day to you !


Take the challenge! Train your brain and increase your calculus power! Available on Google Play Searching for cool math games? Like numbers challenges but tired of sudoku? Want to demonstrate your calculus power and get your brain at full speed? Tired of the shopkeeper always cheats you with the change? Have children with difficulties in math? Try this new cool math game and have fun while your brain gets trained. You will notice your progress day by day. In the bus, in the train, ...