New Trailer and Release Date unveiled for medieval roguelite ‘Elium – Prison Escape’

Lone Artisan Games is pleased to unveil a new Gameplay Trailer for ‘Elium - Prison Escape’, and to announce that it will launch on Steam on February 28th, 2018. View the new Gameplay Trailer here Visit the Steam Store page here     About the game Elium - Prison Escape is a realistic swordfighting action roguelike in a medieval setting. Play in First and 3rd Person view with shooter-like controls, in a challenging and unforgiving prison environment with the main goal...

Swipey Rogue (Mobile, Arcade/Rogue)

Swipey Rogue is my first solo project.  I wanted to mash up the impulse gameplay of swipe-action, auto-running with the problem solving and resource management of dungeon-crawling and room-puzzling. I wanted it to be a portrait game with one touch gameplay so it could be played as spontaneously as possible. I also wanted designed content in addition to procedural content so there are 2 modes. Challenge Saga is 200 hand crafted challenge rooms spanning 4 unlockable areas with score, ...