Learn to code by making games

Learn to Code by Making Games - Complete C# Unity Developer Game development & design made fun. Learn C# using Unity 4.6 & Unity 5. Your first 7 2D & 3D games for web & mobile. This course is amazing when you consider how much it cost to go to college these days. If you could find a school that teaches gamedev, it will come at a high cost both in money and time. As a former employee of a very famous game development school, I can tell you that your code is what counts when you'r...

Sleepy Mouse game trailer revealed

Sleepy Mouse
Sleepy Mouse game trailer revealed! New mobile game from Start Get Ready due August 2016 The game trailer for Sleepy Mouse has launched on YouTube, building anticipation for the little mouse who likes to sleep, loves his cheese, and hates to wake up hangry! Simple, fun and utterly addictive, Sleepy Mouse is a 2D, 75-level, physics based puzzle game due for release as an iOS app for both iPhone and iPad August 2016. Aim of the game: Don't let Sleepy Mouse wake up hungry! Get him the cheese...

Xintana Legends – IGMC 2015 – Pre-Alpha Version

  After a month of hard work "Xintana Legends" Pre-Alpha Version is now live! If you like the game help us share it, and give us feedback we want to improve it. Thank you! IGMC 2015 Submission A world between dreams and chaos is unleashed, and restoring the ancestral powers within you will help to bring peace to a world dominated by shadows, and memories. A world full of monsters, violent nature and other dangers. It is here where our warrior Xintana, is summoned by the goddess Alu...