Game Development Tools and Resources


Tools and Resources for Indie Game Developers

Keeping your team focused on the task at hand (creating the most awesome game in history) can be a real struggle.  You need to promote your game while you are developing it. You can get help with that. See the links below.

Also, here you will find tools that will help you and your team communicate, code, share files, create art assets, and more. We’ll be adding to this list, so check back for updates. If you find them useful, use the social media buttons to share the love.



Vox Odyssey 

is all about gaming, art, development, music and making your idea great. See them at Vox Odyssey A non-judgmental safe place for creatives on the internet


Best Software for Game Development

For a list of some of the best game engines, check out this post on the many choices in game development platforms here:

Sprite maker

Need to crank out some sprite sheets? Read our sprite maker guide:

Bit Sync Free with BitTorrent Sync 2.0 

Great tool for indie game teams or any team for that matter.  Watch the video, it explains everything you need to know about bit sync with BitTorrent Sync 2.0

There is also a pro version for $39/yr which is not to bad even for an indie budget.  I think the free version is fine for small teams and sure beats dropbox and other solutions esp. on speed.  Five stars.


Next time the team meets for a brainstorming session, Consider using mind mapping software. Keep the flow of ideas , well, flowing by creating a safe environment where it is understood that no idea is a bad idea (except maybe having 500 ads popping up every 2 seconds in your “free” mobile game). 

Try director David Lynch’s 70 3″x5″ card method. Write out every idea for your game that comes to mind, one idea per card. When you have 70, start connecting them in interesting ways to make a story, game design, or that rocket powered bicycle you always wanted to build. He has created some amazing films that way. Not to mention Twin Peaks (oops, I mentioned it).


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