My Little Factory: Construction game on Android & IOS

In my Little Factory, you will have to research, produce and combine a lot of goods in your buildings. Every good can be then sold. Place your buildings strategically and do the good research to reach the top of the leaderboard! FUNCTIONALITIES: - Build up to 400 buildings among 15 available - Search and build up to 150 different goods - Sell your goods at the best price - Compare your city to those of other players   Android:
More the Warehouse Brawl – Pixel Cyberpunk

Download Link: is an arena brawl game. Become the winner, beat the rivals, and dominate the arena! Collect as many beads as possible, to restore HP and to get EXP. Gather EXP beads, and level up. Then you will have the power to win this brutal fight! Once you level up, you will get rewarded with various types of upgrades. You can choose a stat upgrade, a weapon upgrade, or a new type of weapon from the t...


ORB is a 2D single-player puzzle adventure game requiring thoughtful and precise actions. Guide Orb through a series of top-down puzzles and horizontal side-scrolling challenges in hopes to piece together his fragmented world. VOTE NOW ON GREENLIGHT! Conquer the Wormholes Put your reflexes as well as Orb's strength and abilities to the test when travelling through wormholes between the 12 constellations of the Puzzleverse Explore the Puzzleverse Explore and discover over 140 puzzles...

Toast! (iOS + Android)

Journey through different worlds as Fred, a charismatic piece of bread who's goal in life is to not become toast. In this side-scrolling adventure you will battle against numerous foods and enemies alike as they try to turn you into toast. You can attempt to beat every high score in 8 dynamic levels, enjoy beautiful, elegant, and simplistic graphics, and even brag to your friends about your mad "Toast!" skills! Toast has several features including: -- Power-ups -- Multiple worlds -- Multipl...

Glasswinged Ascension

Glasswinged Ascension is built around cyberpunk theme permeated with avoidance, caution, and story telling. It is truly hardcore, and consists of missions which can be completed in different ways. There is no straight path to the goal, while means to achieve it do not have to be lethal.

New Book Anna’s Ether

Anna's Ether - New Book Scifi
Read my new book Anna's Ether 1st chapter free on Wattpad for a limited time. New Chapter every Sunday! Contact me if you'd like to use this story in a game, indie film, comic book, etc. Soon to be available on Kindle. Anna's Ether now on Amazon Anna's Ether After a Victorian era inventor's wife dies, he travels to a post-apocalyptic future where her tuberculosis can be cured...should he bring her into this hellish future or let her rest in peace? Hit #421 in Science Fiction on Watt...