Unearthed: Upcoming Multiplayer FPS


Unearthed is a Sci-fi multiplayer experience currently in development by South African based Indie studio, Mad Matter Creative.


Players awaken in a vast citadel known as The Root.

From there they can explore an open world with seamlessly integrated environmental regions. Or risk life and limb in the shadow lands beyond.

Scavenge for precious resources, battle for prestige in the Arena, or defend outposts against incursions from enemies.

With challenges to test and develop opportunities in inventing and crafting, as well as adrenaline boosting events and mental challenges, Unearthed is tailored to fit a multitude of play styles.



In Unearthed, survival is so much more than just hunger, thirst and temperature.
All environmental regions have their own threats which will contribute to the challenge to survive, with some inherently more dangerous than others.

Falling rocks, fluctuating gravity, exploding flora, poisonous gasses and dangerous fauna will require players to approach each environmental region differently in order to reap from the riches of its resources and other rewards it may have to offer.



Gather precious resources and sell them at one of many scattered outposts. The economy changes according to supply and demand.

Make your living as a crafter or inventor, or make profit by selling stock on the markets: which fluctuate in response to player trades.

Tinker and build robots and other fanciful inventions. Acquire livestock and breed animals both exotic and familiar.

Players can eke out a living without ever leaving The Root or the safe plains surrounding it.


Expect Change.
Unearthed has a dynamic world with a story which expands over time.

Over months, forests might change with blights or fires. Deserts could be vastly changed by floods, creating new and strange terrain, or unearthing long lost ruins. Our goal is to provide a world that will immerse players in events that change the scope and dynamics of the game and instill a lasting feel of discovery.



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