Unity for Game Devs


Unity for Game Devs

Unity 5.0 is an amazing game dev platform. You can start with the free personal edition and see how it suits you.  As an artist I love it, I found it a bit easier to use than Unreal, but Unreal has it’s pluses to make them about equal from an artists point of view.

In version 5.0 some awesome additions include  the audio mixer which makes things easier when adding music. 3D physics and improvements to the animation system are welcome features.

Develop your game in 2D or 3D then deploy to multiple platforms using Unity’s cross-platform tools and intuitive interface. You can even create your own tools and Unity’s scripting tools are top notch.

Need a model or effect and don’t have time to create it from scratch?  Unity5 has an ever growing Asset store integrated into the kit.  Along with in game ads and analytics.  Cloud build and multiplayer tools built in as well.

I give Unity5.0 8 bits (out of 8)

Find out more here:  https://unity3d.com/

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