V8ORS-Flying Rat

The World War has begun. . . .Against YOU!

You are alone on a world of planes and guess what!? They are all Enemies, your mission is simply as, STAY ALIVE and beat your High Score, or your friends High Score on Facebook, by sharing it and show to them who’s the real HERO!

The main base for the concept art was V8’s motors with wings attach to them, mix it with WW II airplanes, the Golden era of airplanes and Voilá, The RAT, RED BARON, SPLITFLAME and TANK were born.

The Gameplay is an Endless Shoot’ em up. Enemies are dynamically generated with the points.

There’s a Power Up you can get, the first one at 2000 points, if you miss it or lose it by taking a shot, it appears 2000 points after.

The game was made to play without the need to Up Grade, or wait hours to complete a task or something like that. Is so simple and addictive that when you have to delete apps from your mobile this one will stay there (we hope!! ).

We hope you guy’s enjoy playing it and take you to the old arcade games. .. but with a bit of “new Style”.

Heres some links where you can see V8ORS – Flying Rat development:







The game at Google Play:


Thank’s and we hope you like and reply to us.

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