Take the challenge! Train your brain and increase your calculus power!

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Searching for cool math games?
Like numbers challenges but tired of sudoku?
Want to demonstrate your calculus power and get your brain at full speed?
Tired of the shopkeeper always cheats you with the change?
Have children with difficulties in math?

Try this new cool math game and have fun while your brain gets trained. You will notice your progress day by day.
In the bus, in the train, going to school, coming from work, it’s always a good moment to spend two minutes having fun while increasing your math and calculus capacity.

Fight alone against time or challenge your friends in a multiplayer game… this is for people who are willing to overcome themselves.

The game is based on a panel with numbers. You have to achieve rows that sum 20. When get it, the row is eliminated. When all rows are eliminated, you win the game.
If you play alone, new rows are added periodically. In multiplayer mode, a new row is added everytime any of the competitors achieve to eliminate a row. If you accumulate more than 10 rows, you lose the game.

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