VEmpire – The Kings of Darkness, Deckbuilding Game for iOS/Android/PC/MAC/LINUX/WiiU


VEmpire is a turn-based card game about building an empire that is stronger than your opponent’s!
As soon as one player has 50 points in his empire, he is going to win. The opponent has three turns to catch up.
The player can choose to play against the AI, invite a friend for a casual game, or play a match against a selected

VEmpire is a deckbuilding game like Dominion or Ascension, just to name two popular games of this genre.
It provides innovative mechanics and an exciting, atmospheric theme that is about the resurgence of the Hapsburg
rulers as terrific vampires!

VEmpire includes more than 100 unique cards in four classes, it will have a fixed-price and it comes to PC, MAC &
first through Steam.
The iOS, Android & Wii-U versions will follow soon!

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