Windsiege: The Forgotten Lands

Good day to all fellow adventurers and wealthy travelers,

We are FadedReality Studios and we are currently working on an indiegame, Windsiege: The Forgotten Lands.

Windsiege: The Forgotten Lands game

Explore lands of floating islands with forgotten secrets, build your up your unique ship and fight off mobs of creatures. All within the world of Windsiege.

Choose between a selection of champions with unique combat skills and journey through various levels. Explore islands to find and collect vital resources to build up your ship. Navigate through each level at the helm of your ship, facing hordes of creatures and other challenges. Place turrets on ship components to fend of enemies attacking your ship, or place turrets on land to help defend your character whilst exploring and scavenging.

Some Features:

  • 3D Action, adventure game with strategy elements
  • Single Player campaign
  • PC Windows Support
  • Playstation and Xbox Controller Support

We have recently launched an IndieGoGo campaign for Windsiege and we hope to gather as much support as we can. Please help us make an awesome game by checking out our IndieGoGo Page, and if you are interested or like our campaign, a donation would be most appreciated. Any other love would also be greatly appreciated, so share and spread the word wherever you can! And follow or like us on Facebook and Twitter or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

We are still in the development phase and trying to raise funds to continue working on the game full-time.

You can also check out our website for more details and so far we have an early development preview and three development videos up on our YouTube channel, with more coming soon!

Windsiege: The Forgotten Lands (Early Development Preview)

Explore. Build. Fight.

Official Website

IndieGoGo Campaign

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