Xintana Legends – IGMC 2015 – Pre-Alpha Version

After a month of hard work “Xintana Legends” Pre-Alpha Version is now live! If you like the game help us share it, and give us feedback we want to improve it. Thank you!

IGMC 2015 Submission

A world between dreams and chaos is unleashed, and restoring the ancestral powers within you will help to bring peace to a world dominated by shadows, and memories. A world full of monsters, violent nature and other dangers. It is here where our warrior Xintana, is summoned by the goddess Aluna, and helps you enter the world of the living. She starts its journey through the ancient world, without knowing the reason why it’s there. Follow up her story, you will be able to face a lot of adventures, challenges and much more. Discover the real mystery behind of Xintana.

Double Ring Studios
Independent Game Studio

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