Arts Education Masterclasses

Learn Game Theory and Design 21 LessonsLearn the art and science of game design with Will Wright, the mind behind SimCity and The Sims. In this game design class, Will teaches you how to create games that empower players and unleash their imagination. You’ll develop a tool set for understanding player psychology, as well as … Read more Arts Education Masterclasses

Sprite Sheets

Sprite Sheets A sprite sheet is an image file with several graphics (such as individual character walk cycle sequence) on one larger image file.  This enables your game code to swap graphics while only needing to load a single file, optimizing the fetching and display of said graphics. So you need to make a sprite sheet … Read more Sprite Sheets

Maruta Escape: The first game from The Label

Manuta Escape

Maruta Escape Game: Maruta Escape is a hidden stealth game that takes place inside a brutal clone factory. You will play as a test pilot number 279 who tried to escape from the trial of that place. You must use tact, tactical skills and speed to accomplish things. As you play along the story, so … Read more Maruta Escape: The first game from The Label

Lunch Break – Free on Android

Free Android game lunch break

Lunch Break is an addictive 8-bit Android game.  You must make sure old man Chris’s picnic doesn’t get ruined by the various critters and hazards. There are 4 onscreen buttons to help Chris avoid/fend off pests. You can kick, swat, duck, and switch sides of the bench. As a result, this fends off and avoids pests. Chris … Read more Lunch Break – Free on Android

RWdesenv Studio – Indie Games for Review

We are working hard on this project for several months and we’ll be very happy in seeing our games … 🙂 The Blast Game Orb 2048 Infinity Blast Adventure tic tac toon Best Crush Cake Noughts & Noughts Memory Bee And … Read more RWdesenv Studio – Indie Games for Review

Once upon a Dungeon – roguelike game you might have missed

Once upon a Dungeon – explore dark dungeons, defeat challenging creatures and collect unique loot in this hardcore roguelike game. The game has been released in Jan 2018 on the Steam platform While being enjoyable at the release date, since then it’s got a few large updates (including largest one in August) making it a truly … Read more Once upon a Dungeon – roguelike game you might have missed

Conquest! Medieval War Game Goes Mobile

Conquest!: an old game gets a new look Houston, Texas | September 7, 2015 – Conquest! announced today it is seeking to raise funds via a rewards campaign on Kickstarter to finish development of a mobile client for the exciting and addictive medieval strategy/RPG war game.  Conquest! began as a text based game on Internet Relay … Read more Conquest! Medieval War Game Goes Mobile


Bitstudio Marketing and Promotion for Indie Game and Creative Content Developers If you want to sell more games or creative content of any type, you need to make use of the best marketing practices to get the word out about your product or service.  Take advantage of our free guest posting: Post your news here. … Read more Bitstudio