Influencer Marketing Platforms Sell Games

Influencer Marketing PlatformInfluencer marketing platforms

You put the final touches on your app description polish that icon to perfection even made sure yours used colors that are proven to attract attention. You release the game expecting a flood of downloads. You check the next day and see only a handful of downloads. Cancel that plan celebration with the team, you’ve got work to do.

Make sure your game has been tested. You can read about beta testing here.  Yet even if it’s the best game that’s come out in the history of indie games, it will not sell until people find it. You’ve tried all forms of advertising you can think of and nothing seems to work. Considering that over 40% of your customers are using ad blocking and most of the remainder ignore and even hate ads. You need to switch to something that’s working.

Higher Return on Investment

What if you could find a form of advertising that for every dollar you spent six came back. That’s the current average ROI for influencer marketing. And yes it can be expensive. So what can an indie do to start promoting their game with influencer marketing on Instagram and YouTube for instance? Start by researching micro influencers on the platform of your choice. And by micro, I mean whatever you can afford. The disadvantage is the limited reach compared to macro influencers, but the advantage is you can negotiate with smaller influencers for a payment they otherwise would not receive.

Find the Right Influencer

Find the right influencer for your budget and who will produce what you want. From a simple mention of your game at the beginning or end of their video to a full-on play through or even a creative video incorporating your game into a skid for instance, influencers can be used for all budgets depending on what you expect both in terms of their creativity and on their metrics such as followers and engagement rates. If you’re on a budget these metrics maybe even more important as you analyze the reach of your potential influencer. Both macro and micro influencers have engagement rates that are almost equal.

It is the reach where they differ greatly. A macro influencer may reach millions of people where a micro influencer may only reach a few thousand. So always consider their cost compared to those metrics and use them as a negotiating point.  Before you choose your influencer, be sure to check for engagement rates and comments from bots (like “nice!”, “good job”, “cool”, etc.). Sadly, there are fake influencers out there, so do your homework.

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